Trafic Transport Sûreté is the publisher of the CentinelAccess access control and intrusion supervisor, developed entirely in France at its head office.

CentinelAccess© is a reliable access control and anti-intrusion management system that has been tried and tested by a large number of major accounts for over 15 years.
Management of all multi-site, multi-builder and multi-company functionalities.
Native functional automation for access control/video convergence within a unified interface.

A plug-in allows all CentinelAccess© functionalities to be integrated into the Milestone VMS to extend the range of possibilities.
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CentinelAccess manages a multitude of manufacturers for each type of equipment: controllers, readers, alarm control units, etc. It integrates easily with third-party software (visitor management, toll systems, time and attendance management, RIE, HR, BMS/BMS, visitor reception, badge management, etc.) and adapts intuitively to the business needs of safety and security.

Deployment across multiple sites is intuitive, and configuration remains transparent in the face of complex networks. This flexibility and openness ensures that your future investments are optimised thanks to tailor-made customisation.

  • Multi-site, multi-business management
  • Biometric management
  • Alarm and intrusion management
  • Retractable bollard management
  • Car park management
  • Graphic supervisor
  • Plug-in integrated into Milestone

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